piano lessons . . .

At that time I started to have piano lessons, my teacher was Bob Gregory whose mother run the corner shop in Jury Street, Bob and his family were all talented musicians both on the piano and the accordian, they had a Do-da Band, my dad said they were salled the Gregs Pigs. The lessons were […]

germans have landed. . .

Almost everyone in our street worked in the coal mines and on a Saturday night the men would get down to some serious drinking, but the different from today there was rarely any trouble. One particular saturday night the Home Guard decided to have an ‘exercise’ to keep the rabble on their toes, we were […]

shelter . . .

The air-raid shelter we shared with the next door neighbours was decked out with a carpet of sorts and some where to sit and when the bombers were over all the women and children were in and the men were either fire watchers or air raid wardens out on duty. When the bombers were over […]

Bombing raids

After the bombing raids during the night the following day a german plane would come over flying at a great height unlike the bombers and would be taking photos of the damage that had been done, we were at school and when the sirens went we would be marched to the brick shelters and sing […]


One night my dad and I were going to the chippy, I could hear this german bomber – they were all diesel engines – I said thats a gerry, my dad said it was a motor bike, the next thing the plane which must of lost its bearings dropped a parachute flair immediately above us […]

air raids…

The air raids were coming more often now, as we lived halfway between Liverpool and Manchester I could look out of my bedroom window at the back of the house and see a bright red glow above Manchester and at the front we could see the same over Liverpool, the bombers would pass over our […]


One Sunday morning there was a crowd gathering at the corner of the street the lady who lived there was known as Florrie Plum, it appears that her husband had gone absent without leave and two men from his regiment had come to take him back, there was a jeep parked in front of the […]

hen muck

Living opposite was a family with two lads who’s name was Maurice but was known as Moggie and his brother Ernie, the boys father used to repair clocks, bicycles and it seem everything else, as you walked into the living room there was a bike frame hanging on a six inch nail over the fire […]

Home Guard

The Home Guard was getting more organised, instead of having to drill with broom sticks they had been issued with rifles, on a Sunday morning they would be creeping along side of the house and running across the fields, one group attacking and one defending. At that time the pubs were open at 12 o’clock […]

eggs and bacon

On Saturday morning all the stalls would open on the outdoor market, one stall in particular was known as Leylands stall they sold eggs and bacon without the ration card, but each person was only allowed six eggs and a pound of bacon, mum had the bright idea she would be in the queue and […]