Almost everyone in our street worked in the coal mines and on a Saturday night
the men would get down to some serious drinking, but the different from today
there was rarely any trouble. One particular saturday night the Home Guard
decided to have an ‘exercise’ to keep the rabble on their toes, we were woken
up about half past eleven by some shouting, two men in uniform and carrying
rifles were trying to waken their comrade, after a few minutes we heard the bedroom
window open ‘whats up’ the neighbour shouted ‘come on’ was the reply
‘t’germans have landed at Lowton’ ‘what?’ ‘come on’ ‘t’germans have landed at Lowton’
we could hear our neighbour telling his wife, I don’t know what she said but the reply
was ‘bugger t’bloody Germans’ and with that the window was slammed down, the two
Home Guard went on their way and the street went back to sleep.