Food rationing

Food rationing had started, we had ration books with coupons for every week, chocolate was the only thing that worried me, but of course there was the black market and my mam whose family was Irish were well into the black market, her main contact was a women known as Meg Lump who was the […]


Winter was coming on and you were only allowed so much coal but with mum and dad working in the pit , my dad has a large can for his water and a billy can for his ‘snap’ (butties) and he would fill these with bits of coal while mum would take her basket to […]

Visible signs

There were visible signs of the oncoming war, a chemists shop opposite St. Joseph’s church was boarded up with a sign saying closed for the duration of the war, all the young men over 18 years of age were disappearing, there were soldiers everywhere. On the East Lancashire Road between Liverpool and Manchester there were […]

Air-raid Shelter

One day there was great excitement in the street, a local haulage firm was coming round with air-raid shelters, one for each household, they were corrugated steel and you had to dig out an area in the back garden and bury the shelter half way down, they were no good from a direct hit, but […]

Name on it

That comment from my grandad about a bomb finding you came back too me later in the war when a bomb hit a house a house in the town, when the sirens had gone the lady of the house got up and went down stairs and the man stayed in bed, when the bomb hit […]


These were moments times, all the railings around buildings and sports grounds were cut down to help with the war effort, the council came round collecting pans, all the street lighting at that time was from gas lamps. Everyone had to have blinds fitted to their windows to prevent German bombers fixing any positions for […]

Biggest event

I suppose one of the biggest events in my young life was the beginning of the second world war, I remember it for three things in particular, the birth of my sister in February 1939, going to church on the Sunday morning in September of the same year when war was declared at 11 o’clock […]

Starting school

I remember starting school at the age of four and my grandfather taking me to school the first day. I went to a catholic school St. Josephs, they specialised in two subjects: the catechism and the backward pass, they believed rugby mirrored life, all you had to do to get through life was to trust […]

Here we go….

My name is John Boone and I am going to blog from time to time, I am 85 years old this year (2017) and including a short time of playing soldiers I have worked in the printing trade for 71 years and still work part-time. I have seen many changes in life, conditions and the […]